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Wasley Family

iTRI is a challenge the whole family can get involved with. Sign up and complete the distance together!

Read more from the Wasley Family, who completed iTRI as a family of four in 2020 and raised a fantastic amount towards our work.

Why did you choose to join Team Barnardo’s?

We became aware of the iTRI event that Barnardo’s were organising and it caught our attention because swimming, cycling and running are 3 of our favourite things to do as a family. When we realised it was for such a worthwhile charity too we were sold!

What was it like taking part in an event for  Barnardo’s?

We had so much fun working through the distances and ticking milestones off the list. It was a real challenge trying to fit it all in around everything else that the children had on but that just made it all the more rewarding when we completed it. Barnardo’s gave us so much support and encouragement too. They really kept us motivated and made us feel like part of a wider community with their excellent emails and social media links. The amazing medals were a real added bonus too – especially for the children.

Would you support Barnardo’s again?

We can’t wait to do our next fundraising event for Barnardo’s now and we are trying to think of a new challenge we can attempt.

How did you fundraise to meet your target?

Thanks to the user-friendly system Barnardo’s had set up it was really easy to register for the event and link to a JustGiving page, which was easy to share with all our family and friends. It also allowed us to add updates and kept a tally of the miles we had done so it gave people lots of reminders to donate! Thanks to that and the generosity of people we were able to smash our target.

A huge thank you to the Wasley Family!