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Join Barnardo’s iTRI - an incredible, long distance, virtual triathlon starting on 1st March 2021. You have 31 days to put your fitness to the test and complete 2.4 miles of swimming (or other activity)*, 112 miles of cycling and 26.2 miles of running, in any order you like. To reach your target, you can complete the distance in bite-sized chunks and record your progress through your very own portal. This is your triathlon, completed your way.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a complete beginner the virtual start line is waiting for you! Sign up and kick-start your training today.

*A note on this year’s activities:

We understand that due to ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions it will be difficult for many to access swimming facilities, therefore for the first time we are giving you the option to switch up the swimming element and choose something different if you wish. We have a selection of options for inspiration, you can: stair climb; walk; hike; row or skate your way through the 2.4 miles instead. You can also select ‘Other’ and choose a different activity.


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